Together, we can make it work.

My process is tried and tested for success.


Like many things in life, my process starts with a conversation. A full assessment of you and your loved one's needs are explored. Information regarding Medicaid, Pooled Income Trust, and other possible resources are explained. Together, we will formulate a specific and unique plan.


This is where I take the burden off your shoulders. With my experience and knowledge, I can navigate the system, address any service recommendations you may have, complete the entire Medicaid application, and set up the Pooled Income Trust.

Long Term Assistance

Your journey through the Medicaid process has been completed, but my job has not. I can stay connected on an ongoing basis to monitor services in place, make continuous assessments, and recommend additional services, if needed. With me as your advocate, you and your loved ones can feel at ease knowing that you are taken care of.

When you or a loved one is in need of long term care, numerous challenges can be expected. The added stress of these challenges, in conjunction with the Medicaid application process, can become extremely overwhelming.

My guidance and expertise will make the process smooth and comforting.

Contact And Locations

I welcome you to contact me to discuss your needs.

Westchester County, NY | Bronx County, NY | Lower Connecticut


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